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Cheap Rubber is Australia's online tyre specialst!

Save some serious dollars buying your tyres online and fit them yourself or have them fitted by our mobile fitting team.

Check out our pricing on quality tyre brands inlcuding Boto, Deestone, Radar, Hercules, Nankang and more, we're sure you'll agree it's "Cheap Rubber!".

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  • Cheaprubber saved me $200 on tyres for my Swift, even after I paid "Bob" to fit them!
  • I thought it may have been hard to find someone to fit the tyres but Peter recommended a great local fitter.
  • Cheaprubber was great. They didn't care that we lived in Tenant Creek. Peter's advice was great and the tyres were delivered to our door in only 4 days!
  • The tyre fitting service was great. They just came to my office and changed the tyres in the car park. It didn't cost me any time at all. I'm never getting messed about by a tyre shop again!

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1 July 2013
Our new website has now been launched...

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